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Chitwan National Parc: 3+ days

Jungle safari on elephants or by jeep


The Chitwan National Parc is located in the center of Nepal. It stretches from the foot of the Himalayas to the city of Terai. The Tharu people live in Terai. The Tharu are Hindus. A visit to Terai gives travelers the opportunity to experience the Tharu culture and way of life.

The Chitwan National Parc is characterized by its extraordinarily diverse flora and fauna. Visitors can observe a broad variety of animal species, such as rhinos, crocodiles, monkeys, gray langurs (also known as Hulmans), deer, kingfishers and many other species of birds. With a little luck, you might even get to see a Bengal tiger!

The tour begins in Kathmandu. Participants travel to Chitwan by bus or jeep. The standard tour lasts three days (two nights in a hotel). It includes a jungle safari with elephants or by jeep, a visit to the village of Tharu, a tour with traditional wooden boats on the Rapti River, a trip to an elephant farm, and a jungle walk. Countless animals and birds can be observed on both the jungle walk and the jungle safari.

The Chitwan National Park offers travelers vast numbers of excursion options. A longer visit is more than recommended!




Highlight 2019:
The first time I got to see a leopard in Chitwan National Parc!


  CHF 300.-   in groups of 6+ people

  CHF 500.-   individually 


price per person

2 nights, arrival & departure

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