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Langtang Trekking

The Langtang Valley is located north of central Nepal, near the Tibetan border. The adventure begins in Kathmandu with a car drive of several hours to the small, idyllic village of Syabru Besi (1,462 m). The following morning, the trekking takes you along the Bhote Koshi River through the villages of the Tamang (ethnic group).

On the way, you will encounter many locals who transport goods to the villages in higher altitudes with their donkeys. As the region is still barely known to the outside world, you barely meet other tourists.

The wide Langtang valley is home to various vegetation zones, which adds a lot of diversity to the trekking. At the first part, the path leads through breathtakingly beautiful forests, while further up the tree-high rhododendrons will surely leave an impression. In addition, you are surrounded by the mighty, snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas during the entire trek. The Langtang Lirung (7,246 m) and the Shishapangma are particularly impressive. The latter is the highest mountain of the Langtang Valley with an elevation of a stunning 8,027 meters.

However, it is not only the versatile landscapes that are impressive, but also the animals that can be found in them. Monkeys will be watching you on your way as well as the indigenous, furry yaks. With a little luck you might even spot a red pandas in one of the bamboo forests!

Next to the heavenly nature through which you hike, intimate encounters with the local population do not come up short. While Tibet was invaded by China, some Tibetans fled to the green Langtang Valley. Here, they were free to build their own villages and preserve their culture. The region is thus shaped by Buddhism and is home to many beautiful monasteries, which you can take a closer look at during the trek.

In the guesthouses, further contact with the locals is certain. Upon arrival you are always welcomed in an enthusiastic manner and once you cook momos together with the hosts, you feel more like part of the family than a tourist.

The highest village in the valley, Kyanjin, is at around 3,870 meters above sea level. From there you can either climb the 4,700 meter high Kyanjin Ri and hang prayer flags surrounded by a unique panoramic view or go on the Lirung Glacier walk. If you want to explore even higher altitudes, you have the option to hike up Tsergo Ri (4,984 m) or Yalapeak (5,550 m). In the village itself, you can visit the yak dairy and admire the incredibly night sky (ever seen the milky way?).

Langtang & Tamang Heritage: 10-17 days


On the way through the different vegetation levels, the trekking passes close to the border with Tibet. Along the way you get to discover the lifestyle of the Tamang (ethnic group). With a bit of luck, you can enjoy a masala tea in a local kitchen. As crowning end of your trekking adventure you get to relax in naturally hot water in Tatopnai. 


  CHF 2'600.-   in groups of 6+ people

  CHF 3'600.-   individually


price per person

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